MELT Method Hand and Foot Treatment Kit


The MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit includes everything you need to experience the MELT Hand and Foot Treatments and start feeling better now.



This kit includes 8 MELT Treatment balls, which can be used on your hands, feet, arms, legs, and face (there’s even a facelift treatment). By the way, the balls and band are latex free.

What’s included in the kit:

  • 2 large soft balls
  • 2 large firm balls
  • 2 small soft balls
  • 2 small firm balls
  • 1 bunion reducer band
  • 2 illustrated instructions guides
  • Convenient drawstring travel case

Quickly treating your hands and feet can help with:

  • hand, foot, back, and neck pain
  • plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas
  • arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger
  • headaches, gut issues, and insomnia

The quick and easy self-treatments with the balls can be done anywhere – at home, at work, while traveling.

Doing a treatment stimulates fluid flow through your entire body, including the billions of sensory nerve endings in your hands and feet. This is an indirect (and uh, super enjoyable) way to help restore balance to your whole body in just a few minutes.